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Event Mecca’s blog will be returning when the website re-launches in 2017-2018.

This will be the ultimate hub where you can find all the information that you need to find regarding Florida weddings. We are excited to be connecting Florida residents and vacationers with the very best in Florida wedding venues and vendors.

Our goal is and always has been to make the wedding event process as easy, painless and stress free as humanly possible. We excelled at doing so in the Capital Region of New York and we are striving to do so, on a much bigger level, in the beautiful state of Florida.

Keep tabs on the NEW Event Mecca and when we will be unveiling it to the world by keeping a bookmark on and checking back every once in a while. We will keep you updated on all the news, notes and updates regarding Event Mecca as often as we can.

We appreciate your patience regarding our new website and we welcome all Floridians and vacationers to the Event Mecca brand. We are excited to be moving to Florida in the very near future and showing the great Sunshine State just ow much of a powerful resource and tool that Event Mecca can be when planning your vacation, event, wedding or fun night out on the town.


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